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Where Congress Stands On The Syrian Intervention Vote

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Congress will officially return from recess on Sept. 9, and congressmen and senators are already scrambling to make statements -- or avoid making statements -- on how they plan to vote on military action.

Earlier today, House and Senate leadership met with President Barack Obama on Tuesday morning to discuss U.S. intelligence on Syria, and several congressional leaders backed the president's plan. Secretary of State John Kerry also testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that he didn't want to rule out congressional action that also backed sending troops if necessary. "I don't want to take off the table an option that might or might not be available to the President of the United States to secure our country," he said before the committee on Tuesday. Many members of Congress have said their support hinges on whether congressional action will include "boots on the ground."

Keep track of how members of Congress and senators have said they are voting below , and let us know if your member of Congress has made a statement on intervention in Syria.

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