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Wasserman Schultz: Not Surprising That Allen West Would 'Crack Under The Pressure' (VIDEO)


Wasserman Schultz then referred to West as "a constituent of mine," prompting Mitchell to confirm that West lives in her district.

"He actually lives in my district, yes," said Wasserman Schultz. "As a constituent of mine, I think it's important for him to understand that when we're in debate on the House floor, members are gonna go back and forth. If he feels that concerned, and gets that churned up over having to defend his position, then he probably should reconsider his position."

Mitchell then asked specifically about West's comment that Wasserman Schultz was "not a Lady" and not due respect.

"I think Republicans like him are under a tremendous amount of pressure," Wasserman Schultz responded. "They have about the worst position you could have when it comes to making sure that we protect seniors and ensure that their costs don't go up. Balancing that, instead of what they're doing, which is championing and protecting millionaires' and billionaires' tax breaks.

"And so obviously there was a little bit of heat that was applied in debate on the House floor yesterday, and he doesn't appear to be able to deal with it. Like I said, he should reconsider his really unacceptable position, particularly as it relates to when you represent thousands of South Florida seniors like we do, so that maybe next time he won't react so defensively."

(Note: The U.S. Constitution does not require residency in a district for members of the House of Representatives, only residency in the state.)