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Union Protests Continue, Teachers Call In Sick Opposing WI Gov's Proposals


From the State Journal's report:

The campaign is the first coordinated absence by Madison school employees in 16 years, Matthews said.

"We have only one day where we can make a difference, and it's because of the ridiculous means by which the governor tried to shove this down the throats of public employees," Matthews said.

On the other hand, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports that there have been no signs of higher teacher absences in Milwaukee.

In addition, as the ABC affiliate in Milwaukee reports, over a thousand demonstrators gathered Tuesday outside Walker's home (he has not as of yet moved into the governor's mansion near Madison) in Wauwatosa, after marching there from the nearby AFL-CIO building. The line of people was reportedly ten blocks long, while Walker's home was dark inside.

As the Journal-Sentinel also reports, a legislative budget committee hearing where members of the public could speak lasted for 17 hours, going until 3 a.m., when Republicans ended the meeting. The Democratic lawmakers on the committee, however, continued to hear members of the public, breaking only at 8:30 a.m. to move to another room and start again at 9 a.m.

On Tuesday, over 10,000 people gathered at the state Capitol, to demonstrate against the proposal.

Late Update: Jessica Arp, a reporter for the local CBS affiliate, has uploaded this video from inside the state Capitol today:

(Photo of protestors courtesy of Emily Mills)