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Here Are Photos Of Trey Radel Partying Around The World

AP Photo

The above photo shows Radel posing with a beer in front of what appears to be the ancient Angkor Wat temple complex. It was included posted on his page in late 2008 that was entitled "Cambodia - Killing Fields, Stung Meachey Waste Dump. Angkor Wat. View more of Radel's Facebook photos below:

Radel poses with mariachi musicians from an album posted in 2008 that was entitled "Guadalajara, Mexico & Tequila, Mexico."

Radel and his wife, Amy Wegmann, visit what appears to be a tequila distillery from the Mexico album.

This shot of an "absinthe bar" appeared in an album called "france/germany/amsterdam trip" that Radel posted on his page in 2009.

Another picture from Radel's Euro-trip showing a massive "Heineken" sign.

This picture of beer taps appeared in an album entitled "New York" that Radel posted in 2009.

Radel drinks with friends at a location he described as the "Market in Phnom Penh" from an album he posted in 2008 that was labeled "Colombia, Thailand & Hong Kong."

A picture from Radel's "Colombia, Thailand & Hong Kong" shows him taking a nighttime stroll.

A photo posted on Radel's wife's page in August shows the pair at a bash that was complete with glow bands, light up bracelets, and disco fog.

Along with his vacation pictures, Radel's Facebook page included this status update he wrote in May 2010.