TPMDC Saturday Roundup


Obama: ‘We Cannot Lose The Opportunity To Meet This Challenge’
In this weekend’s YouTube address, President obama reviewed the discussions that occurred at the health care summit this past Thursday. Obama possibly hinted at the Democrats moving to pass the bill through budget reconciliation and a majority vote in the Senate, when he said that he hopes for members of both parties to move forward — but that “we cannot lose the opportunity to meet this challenge.”

Some of these disagreements we may be able to resolve. Some we may not. And no final bill will include everything that everyone wants. That’s what compromise is. I said at the end of Thursday’s summit that I am eager and willing to move forward with members of both parties on health care if the other side is serious about coming together to resolve our differences and get this done. But I also believe that we cannot lose the opportunity to meet this challenge. The tens of millions of men and women who cannot afford their health insurance cannot wait another generation for us to act.”

Coburn: ‘We Can Continue To Make Progress Like We Did At The Summit’
In this weekend’s Republican address, Sen. Tom Coburn urged against using budget reconciliation to pass a Democratic health care bill, instead calling for more bipartisan meetings such as this past Thursday’s summit:

“The majority now has a choice. We can continue to make progress like we did at the summit. Or, they can try to ram through a partisan bill that will divide and bankrupt America,” said Coburn. “I wholeheartedly share President Obama’s desire for more civility and bipartisanship in Washington and I’m proud of the work that we did together when he was a member of the Senate. True civility, however, is measured by actions, not words.”

Graham Reportedly Declares: ‘Cap-And-Trade Is Dead’
The Washington Post reports that the three key Senators who are working on an energy bill — Lindsey Graham (R-SC), John Kerry (D-MA) and Joe Lieberman (I-CT) — are working on a package of different sets of carbon controls for various sectors of the economy. Graham is reported to have told environmental leaders in a private meeting this past Wednesday: “Cap-and-trade is dead.”

Dem Rep. Baron Hill Won’t Run For Indiana Senate Seat
Rep. Baron Hill (D-IN) has announced that he will not run for the Senate seat of retiring Democratic Sen. Evan Bayh. Hill has endorsed Rep. Brad Ellsworth, who declared his candidacy last week, and is likely to win the nomination in a vote by the state Democratic Party’s central committee.

Obama Silent Ahead Of House Committee Resolution On Armenian Genocide
The Obama administration has been silent on an upcoming resolution in the House Foreign Affairs Committee, which would declare that the World War I-era killing of Armenians by Turkey was a genocide — a resolution that could potentially alienate Turkey. Rep. Adam Schiff, who introduced the measure in the committee, said the Obama administration’s inaction is an improvement upon past years: “Last time we had President Bush calling lawmakers at their homes to oppose the resolution.”

Organized Labor’s Agenda Hits Roadblock; What Now?
The Associated Press reports that organized labor’s high hopes for the Obama administration have run into roadblocks from Republicans and conservative Democrats, which has served to dampen the movement’s hopes. “If we don’t have clear progress and clear attempts at progress, we’re going to have a hard time motivating our folks,” said United Steelworkers president Leo Gerard.

Blagojevich ‘Not Ruling Myself Out’ For A Comeback
In an interview with the Fox Business Network, former Gov. Rod Blagojevich (D-IL) did not rule out another run for office. “I believe in great comebacks,” said Blagojevich. “Yes, I’m not ruling myself out as someone who is going to come back and be the guy I was before.” Blagojevich, who was impeached and removed from office about 13 months ago, is barred by law from ever holding office in the state of Illinois again.