TPMDC Morning Roundup


Senate Republicans Force Delay In Omnibus Bill
Senate Republicans successfully blocked cloture last night on the omnibus spending bill, leaving Democrats one vote short of 60 and forcing Harry Reid to delay the it until Monday, after debate and votes on GOP amendments that are not expected to pass. Congress will have to fund the government through a stopgap bill today, in order to avoid a shutdown of parts of the government.

Obama Speaking To Police Recruits, Promoting Stimulus
President Obama is speaking at 11 a.m. ET today to the Columbus Police Graduation Exercises in Ohio. The reason for this event: Before the stimulus package passed, the city was going to lay off these 25 new police recruits rather than swear them in as officers, but is instead using some of the money to pay their salaries.

Biden Also Promoting Stimulus With Trip To Police Department
Joe Biden is visiting the Miami Police Department at 10:15 a.m. ET, joined by Mayor Manny Diaz and other local officials. As with Obama’s trip to Columbus, the purpose of his visit is to highlight how the stimulus package has put $4 billion into local law enforcement throughout the country.

Hillary On Climate Change: “Never Waste A Good Crisis”
Hillary Clinton told a young audience at the European Parliament that climate change provides great opportunities to build a new, greener economy. “Never waste a good crisis,” said Hillary, adding: “Don’t waste it when it can have a very positive impact on climate change and energy security.”

Gibbs Explains Media Strategy In Pundit Wars
In an interview with The Hill, Robert Gibbs explained why he has taken to calling out media hosts like Rush Limbaugh, Rick Santelli or Jim Cramer: “There’s a certain amount of theater to it that might make it more fun, but it’s important that people understand the policy.” And his take on the GOP infighting over Limbaugh: “If your enemies are fighting themselves, then don’t get in the way.”

Anti-Burris Special Election Bill Dies In Illinois Committee
The Illinois legislature has given up on a recent push for a new special election for the Senate, in order to oust Roland Burris. A state Senate committee killed the proposal in a 3-2 vote — Democrats against, Republicans in favor — and a spokesman for Governor Pat Quinn told the New York Times: “He assessed the political reality that there was not going to be special election legislation.”

Huck Heading To South Carolina
Mike Huckabee will be visiting the crucial presidential primary state of South Carolina — the site of his narrow defeat by John McCain last year — for a “Fair Tax” rally in April. It will be his second trip to South Carolina since the general election, after an earlier visit for his book tour.

Bunning: GOP Leaders Against Me “Are Kind Of Down The Scale”
The New York Times examines the continuing standoff between Senator Jim Bunning (R-KY), and the Republican leaders who are trying to force him into retirement. Bunning is standing strong — and ridiculing his intra-party opposition. “When you’ve dealt with Ted Williams and Mickey Mantle and Yogi Berra and Stan Musial,” he said, “the people I’m dealing with now are kind of down the scale.”