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The Best Of #HipHopBBQActs


We started things off with the old school "KRS-A1." There were plenty of other throwback names in the mix as well:

@Todd_Zwillich Biz Mesquite

@brianbeutler: Too $hortribs

@NoahFinneburgh Run BLT

Lots of 90s acts as well:

@sethmeyers21: Corn on the Mobb Deep

@dBernstein Busta Ribs

@jbouie The Notorious P.I.G.

@SimonMaloy House of Propane

@JakeTapper Noshy by Nature

The Wu-Tang Clan and their many affiliated members dominated the hashtag:

@MMMcDermott: I hear they ain't nuthin' ta shuck with. RT @daveweigel: Wu Tang Clams

@DaveRodrigues: USDA Inspectah Deck

@dnewhauser Inspectah Deck Chairs

@mattdelong: Kabobby Digital

@erikhinton: Ol' Dirty Baster

And lest you think the 2000s and beyond were overlooked:

@daveweigel Wocka Flocka Flame-Broiled

@mattortega Lupe Tabasco

@benjysarlin Cod Future