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Ted Cruz's Bizarre Plan B To Defund Obamacare Is A Nonstarter

AP Photo / Justin Hayworth

A senior House GOP aide mocked Cruz for suggesting the idea.

"I don't know how the Senator makes it down a flight of stairs, because he's completely incapable of thinking one step ahead," said the Republican aide.

Cruz initially brought the idea up on an interview with Fox News last Friday, after the House passed a bill to fund the government but not Obamacare. He said House Republicans should pass "one continuing resolution after another funding each specific piece of government."

A second senior House Republican aide pointed out that Cruz is essentially asking the House to pass appropriations bills -- which it has already done. As Roll Call pointed out, House Republicans have already passed appropriations bills for defense and other departments. And Senate Democrats have rejected them on account of policy differences, instead calling for a budget deal to iron out the big disputes.

A Cruz spokesperson didn't respond to a request for comment.