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Steve King: Obama's Immigration Plan Is Not Happening


"Two out three of things I agreed with," he told me after the speech. "The securing our border part and enforcing our laws."

What part don't you agree with? I asked.

"The amnesty," King said flatly.

"[Obama] said he wants to enforce the law and secure the border, well I'm all for that," he said. "If we do that first, maybe we can do the other stuff later. But I don't think we're going to get there."

Obama's attempt to bring the two sides together on immigration wasn't the only failed attempt at bipartisanship Tuesday night, King said. He also dismissed the so-called prom seating scheme, where members of opposite parties sat together rather than on opposite sides of the House chamber during the SOTU.

"There wasn't much response from the crowd, and there wasn't much particularly inspiring," King said of the speech. "But I think some of it had to do with the checkered seating arrangement. It was just a completely different tone. I've never sat in a State Of The Union address and seen such a flat response."

"They won't do that again," King said of the prom seating. "It was a failed experiment."