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Spokesman: Hayworth Thinks Arizona Birther Bill 'Drawn Too Narrowly'


So does Hayworth think we should demand birth documentation for every candidate for public office, I asked?

"No, that's not what I'm saying," said Sanders. "I'm not addressing birth documentation. I'm addressing eligibility to vote, and that could apply to a lot of different things."

So what is Hayworth demanding proof of, exactly?

"I'm saying in terms of proof of everything," said Sanders. "You can't be a convicted felon and vote. There are requirements that you have to meet in order to vote, and those same requirements should be met by every candidate for every office."

Hayworth has previously declared that President Obama "should come forward" with his birth certificate. However, he later distanced himself from birtherism: "I believe he was born in Hawaii. I made certain statements on the air to -- to provoke conversation. That's what happens in broadcasting."