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Sestak Says Specter 'Shouldn't Have Gone There' With Bachmann 'Lady' Comment


Specter reportedly has not apologized for the remarks. Bachmann's office didn't return our calls.

Specter has not spoken with the congresswoman since the interview, one of his aides told me.

Sestak said Specter "just shouldn't have gone there" and said the comments show his political rival is an out-of-touch "elitist."

Sestak is challenging Specter in the Democratic Senate primary on May 18, and has not been shy about criticizing the former Republican as wrong for Pennsylvania.

The Republican National Committee also took an opportunity to blast Specter, calling on him to apologize to Bachmann and his constituents.

"Senator Specter's rude and arrogant comments yesterday were not only disrespectful to Congresswoman Bachmann, but demeaning to all women," RNC Co-Chairman Jan Larimer said in a statement.

"Women should never be treated as second class citizens. It's clear Senator Specter has spent too much time in Washington, and this November I am confident Pennsylvanians will choose a new direction," Larimer said.