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Senate Smokes GOP Bill To Cut Food Stamps


Paul evoked a handful of instances of misuse to make his case for the measure, although his amendment would go much further than targeting abusers.

"We need to remember that recently a woman in Chicago faked the birth of triplets in order to receive $21,000 in food stamps," he said. "We need to remember that millionaires, including Larry Ficke, who won $2 million, are still receiving food stamps because he says he has got no income. He has got $2 million but no income."

Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) excoriated the legislation.

"Hungry children didn't cause the recession or the deficit, and cutting food stamps will not solve our debt problem," he said. "But hungry children don't have lobbyists, so programs like food stamps end up on the Republican chopping block."

The rise of food stamps recipients in recent years, caused by the Great Recession, has evolved into a common Republican talking point as the party has sought cuts to food assistance and various domestic programs for low-income people.

The farm bill is set to reduce SNAP spending by $4 billion over 10 years by targeting fraud.