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Scott Walker To Democrats: Come Home Or The Workers Get It


Walker warned of "dire consequences" if the AWOL Senate Democrats -- who left the state last week to prevent the Senate from getting the necessary quorum to vote on Walker's budget bill -- don't return to Madison immediately.

The people who will suffer if the Democrats stay away, Walker said, will be the very state workers they say they're trying to protect.

"Failure to act on this budget repair bill means at least 1,500 state workers will be laid off before the end of June," he said. "If there's no agreement by July 1, another 5-6,000 state workers as well as 5-6,000 local government employees would also be laid off."

Walker said that if the Democrats don't come home soon, the responsibility for those potentially 10,000 plus layoffs will fall squarely on their shoulders.

Walker again made it clear that he was not going to be the one to back down or yield to compromise.

"We're broke in this state because, time and time again, politicians of both political parties ran away from the tough decisions and punted them down the road for another day," he said. "We can no longer do that."

Watch Walker's address: