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Schumer Brands GOP Agenda 'Tea Party Economics'


"The economic recovery is happening too slowly and too haltingly, and the Tea Party is to blame," he writes. "With the economy at a crossroads, the GOP's current political strategy--block anything that could improve the economy, lest it boost the President's standing--has the potential to backfire. If Republicans continue opposing job-creating measures, they risk being blamed for whatever economic reality the country confronts in 2012. But Democrats must make this case. In the coming weeks, we will."

On Thursday, Republicans blocked the Senate from debating President Obama's jobs bill. Democrats now plan to force separate votes on individual elements of that bill, particularly ones that Republicans have supported in the past, but oppose now. At the same time, they'll be waging a public campaign against the GOP's platform to pressure members to come around.

"By linking the GOP to its extreme Tea Party fringe, Democrats can bolster the
prospects for the President's jobs ideas, or at least make clear who is responsible for the
stalling of the recovery," Schumer writes. "Democrats can make this link by branding the school of thought that resists against any job-creation measures as 'Tea Party economics.' The opponents of the President's jobs proposals should be invoked as 'Tea Party Republicans.' If their obstruction continues, it will risk a 'Tea Party recession.'"

As explained in the memo, which you can read below, the Tea Party's dismal approval ratings, combined with the preponderance of expert opinion against immediate fiscal austerity and for immediate job creation policies provide will form the basis for a strategy aimed at wedging individual GOP members away from their party leadership and base to support expansionary policies in Obama's bill. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) told reporters Wednesday he plans to hold the first vote on an element of the jobs act next week.

Tea Party Economics

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