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Rubio: Let's Scrap Health Care Bill -- But Not That Pre-Existing Conditions Clause (VIDEO)

Newscom / Trevor Collens

Rubio also said of the pre-existing conditions aspect of the law: "Yeah, and I think there's broad support for that, Republicans and the American public support that." As Think Progress pointed out, this is not true -- Republicans do not support the ban, but have floated other ideas such as state-based high-risk insurance pools for people who are refused coverage elsewhere.

So is Rubio waffling, or is there some nuanced middle position here? Geraghty writes: "I suppose a lot of this comes down to how you characterize 'beyond that, I think the bill should be scrapped.'"

The TPM Poll Average gives independent Gov. Charlie Crist, a former Republican, the lead with 38.2%, followed by Rubio at 33.7%, and Democratic Rep. Kendrick Meek with 14.5%.