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Rove-Backed Group Drops Four New Senate Race Ads (VIDEO)


Meanwhile, another ad in Colorado slams Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet for spending too much. "Now Bennet's admitted, we have nothing to show for it. You think?" says the announcer. "Call, tell Bennet to stop spending."

The TPM Poll Average of the Colorado Senate race gives Republican nominee Ken Buck a lead of 46.9%-42.9%.

The other ads focus on the health care bill.

Here is one in Kentucky, using a metaphor of someone driving down a rural highway -- and encountering some scary roadsigns. "Obamacare is the wrong way for Kentucky -- and Jack Conway is going the wrong way, too," the announcer says.

The TPM Poll Average gives Republican nominee Rand Paul a lead of 45.4%-41.0%.

And finally, this ad in the Missouri Senate race says that a baby girl's future health care has been put in danger. "She begins her life in the care of others. But what kind of care will be there in her future?" the announcer says "Missourians want to make their own health care decisions. But Robin Carnahan disagrees. She supports the Obamacare law that could raise our health insurance premiums, and cuts billions from Medicare."

The TPM Poll Average gives Republican nominee Roy Blunt a lead of 49.7%-43.8%.