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RNC Targets Blue Dogs In New Radio Ads

Comic Voice: "He folded like a lawn chair."

Voice: "[Congressman NAME]."

Comic Voice: "He threw in the towel."

Voice: "[Congressman NAME] did exactly what Nancy Pelosi wanted him to do."

Comic Voice: "He caved in. He buckled."

Voice: "[Congressman NAME] was one of just four congressmen who cast the deciding votes to advance Nancy Pelosi's radical big government health care plan...[Congressman NAME] backed a plan that will cost taxpayers billions....just days after talking like he wouldn't."

Comic Voice: "He flipped. He flopped. He rolled over."

Voice: "[Congressman NAME] could have stopped the expensive Obama-Pelosi health care plan dead in its tracks. [Congressman NAME] held a vote that counted. But instead of using that vote to help taxpayers, [Congressman NAME] used it to help Obama and Pelosi."

Voice: "It's big government. It's big money. And it'll hit you where it hurts."

Comic Voice: "Ouch!"

Voice: "Call [Congressman NAME] at 202-225-3121. Tell him to stop voting with Nancy Pelosi."

On Air Disclaimer: The Republican National Committee is responsible for the content of this advertising. Paid for by the Republican National Committee. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.