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House Republicans Gear Up For 50th Vote To Dismantle Obamacare

AP Photo / J. Scott Applewhite

It's the House GOP's first vote to wipe out a central feature of Obamacare since the law's major provisions took effect on Jan. 1. For all its rollout woes and negative press, millions of Americans are benefiting from the law and the consequences of full repeal are no longer theoretical. But the dreaded mandate remains an easy target that's ripe for politicking.

"The Simple Fairness Act will give hardworking Americans a one-year delay of the individual mandate tax to provide relief and protect families from this unworkable law," said Jenkins, the vice chair of the Republican conference.

House Democratic leaders will discuss the issue with their members on Tuesday, said a leadership aide, who declined to speculate on the number of Democratic defections.

Obama, meanwhile, is laughing off the vote.

"Maybe when you hit your 50th repeal vote, you will win a prize," he said Friday at a Democratic National Committee event. "Maybe if you buy 50 repeal votes, you get one free. We get it. We understand. We get you don't like it. I got it."

It should be noted that eight of the House's nearly 50 anti-Obamacare votes since Republicans took the majority in 2011 passed Congress and became law. They involved pre-negotiated bipartisan changes such as eliminating the 1099 tax reporting requirement and repealing the CLASS Act long-term care program.

While Republicans seek to make Obamacare a major election issue, they're backing away from their promise of voting in 2014 on their own alternative to replace the law.