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Report: Jim DeMint Backs Dino Rossi In WA-SEN


In backing Rossi, DeMint is siding with the national Republican party in a way that's usually uncommon for the feisty South Carolinian. The NRSC has said that Rossi gives the GOP one of its best chances at a Senate pickup this year, and it's expected that the national GOP will pump plenty of money into the race if polls remain as tight as they are now.

But before Rossi and Murray can battle it out, both have to emerge from the state's "top 2" open primary system. The endorsement from DeMint could help cement Rossi's lead over Didier and the other Republicans on the ballot.

The TPM Poll Average for a Rossi-Murray general shows the race to be all but deadlocked, with Murray leading 45.5-44.8.