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Rep. Peter King (R-NY): Health Care "Not A Major Issue"

King said that only 14% of Americans in a new poll say health care is the number one priority. He would appear to be referring to the new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, which does indeed give that figure. But pay close attention to the question -- it asks people about the number one priority, and it so happens that jobs are the number-one issue in this economy, way out front with 38%.

When combining first and second priorities, health care is at 32%, with the economy's combined scores at 62%. This puts them both well ahead of such other issues as national security and terrorism, the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars, and energy prices -- and nobody would argue that those aren't also major issues.

The DCCC responded to King by citing a recent Time poll, in which 69% of Americans said it is important for President Obama and Congress to pass a health care bill in the next few months.

The sleight-of-hand is to say that health care is "not a major issue" because it doesn't rank at the very top of people's concerns. In this economy, there's some pretty stiff competition to be the number-one concern on people's minds.