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Rep. Paul Broun: Let's LOWER The Debt Ceiling!


"Should my legislation be signed into law, Washington would have to get serious about making the cuts they've been talking about, and our national debt would be one step closer to being manageable," he wrote. "My legislation would not just slow down, or stop the reckless spending train; it would completely turn it around. To be realistic, we can't lower the debt limit today, but if we set a deadline, the beginning of FY [Fiscal Year] 2012, it would force politicians to make those decisions in the months to come."

Broun's timeline to start paying down the debt was even a bit much for Tea Party icon Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY). Asked by TPM about the bill, Paul said that while it was "interesting" and that he wished there more lawmakers him, he favored a bit more caution.

"I'm sort of looking, i guess, at a little more gradual approach," he said. "Even my five year balanced budget, which is the quickest, still requires a trilion more dollars in borrowing."