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Rep. Cantor 'Repudiates' Nazi-Reenacting GOPer (Video)


On Fox News, Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (D-FL) called out Republicans for putting forward extreme candidates, including Iott, and Cantor responded.

"Now Debbie went and launched into her attacks as to some of the reports about candidates that are running, particularly the one in Ohio having to do with a Nazi reenactment," Cantor said. "She knows that I would absolutely repudiate that and do not support an individual that would do something like that."

"Well you haven't," Wasserman-Schultz said.

"I'm doing it right here," Cantor said. "I'm doing it right here, Debbie. You know good and well that I don't support anything like that."


(h/t Think Progress)