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Reid Smacks Back At Gregg's Obstruction Memo


Gregg, for his part, says he's just advising his colleagues of the Senate rules. "It is ironic, is it not, that the Majority Leader would could to the floor and complain about an innocuous statement which outlines the rules that members of the Senate have--a statement which I suspect he would actually pass out to his members for information were they in the minority."

"I just find the irony of the situation so unique," Gregg said, "that a memo which outlines what the rights are of all members--members in the minority specifically because the rules are meant to protect the minority from the majority. That's the tradition of our government, of course, which seems to be an affront to the Majority Leader at this point."

Gregg's memo does advise Republicans of their rights under the rules of the Senate, but with the aim of informing them of how "delay is created."

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