Reid: Republicans Want To Continue ‘Making Love’ To Wall Street


Drop this one in the “people say the darndest things” file. A clearly frustrated Harry Reid said today that Republican delays on financial are rooted in their desire to “continue making love to Wall Street.” Metaphorically speaking.

“Republicans are having difficulty determining how they can continue making love to Wall Street,” Reid said at a press conference this morning. “It’s obvious that they do not want to put any decent restrictions on what Wall Street has done or [is] doing.”

To provide some meaningful context, last Wednesday, Democrats broke a nearly week-long Republican filibuster of financial reform. The GOP had been refusing to allow debate on the Democrats’ bill. But after relenting, they resumed a de facto filibuster, by refusing to allow swift votes on amendments until the principal negotiators of the bill finalize a compromise on how best to liquidate failed financial firms.


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