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Real Dems Beat Fake 'Dems' In Wisconsin Recall Primaries


Predictably, this led to some low-level dirty tricks and mischief-making, with conservatives being urged to vote in the Democratic primaries for the fake Dems. Despite the possibility of countering this, Democrats specifically rejected entreaties by labor to respond in kind and run fake Republicans, in order to keep Republican voters in their own primaries.

However, Republicans gained an advantage from this maneuver that was about more than just the primaries themselves: By delaying the general elections to August, they bought themselves more time to quickly vote on various policies -- including a redistricting maneuver for 2012, which will involve a suspension of the state's usual redistricting procedures in order to move up the process. Of course, there is nothing too unusual about a gerrymander when a party has won full control of the legislature -- but the expediting of the normal rules, in order to beat the clock on a wave of recalls, does add to just how peculiar this whole year has been for Wisconsin.

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