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Rand Paul: Muslims Should Give To 9/11 Victims Fund Instead Of Building Mosque Near Ground Zero


"While this is a local matter that should be decided by the people of New York, Dr. Paul does not support a mosque being built two blocks from Ground Zero," Paul spokesperson Gary Howard told TPMDC. "In Dr. Paul's opinion, the Muslim community would better serve the healing process by making a donation to the memorial fund for the victims of September 11th."

Until now, Paul's official stance on the Cordoba House project was a bit confusing. Yesterday, a Kentucky blogger quoted Howard as saying Paul wasn't taking a stance on the project.

"We don't want New York intervening in our local Kentucky issues, and we don't look to interfere with New York's local issues," Howard told the blogger.

Later, though, Paul seemed to go a different direction. He reportedly told WBKO-TV that he didn't support "a mosque being built near 'Ground Zero' in New York," and he called for Muslims to scrap the whole controversy and give money to the 9/11 memorial fund instead.

Howard did not respond to followup questions about the discrepancies between his statement yesterday and Paul's today. Today, it seems, Paul's official take on the project is an amalgam of the two -- Paul thinks the project is a local issue, shouldn't be built and he thinks Muslims should give to the 9/11 victims memorial fund instead.

The campaign of his Democratic opponent, Jack Conway, declined to offer a take on the Cordoba House project when I asked about it yesterday.