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Rand Paul: I Have Less Choice In Toilets Than Women Have In Abortions (VIDEO)


Paul went on, "I think there should be some self-examination from the administration on the idea that you favor a woman's right to an abortion, but you don't favor a woman or a man's right to choose what kind of light bulb, what kind of dishwasher, what kind of washing machine."

Ideally, Paul said, the government would use a bully pulpit to persuade people to use more efficient lightbulbs, washing machines, and toilets, but not intrude in the marketplace of water- and energy-wasting products. Particularly toilets.

"I find that all of the arguments for energy efficiency you're exactly right. We should conserve energy. Why not do it in a voluntary way?" he said. "I find this antithetical to the American way."

It turns out Paul was flushing away decades worth of pent up anger about not being able to own a toilet that gets 'er done in a single flush.

"We have to flush the toilet 10 times before it works," Paul said. "I've been waiting for 20 years to talk about how bad these toilets are and this was a good excuse today."


[H/T: Barefoot and Progressive]

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