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Rand Paul Backtracks On National Sales Tax Plan


On Tuesday, the AP reported that Americans For Fair Taxation, a national sales tax advocacy group, sent reporters a written statement from Paul showing his support for the proposal:

"The federal tax code is a disaster no one would come up with if we were starting from scratch," Paul said in the statement. "I support making taxes flatter and simpler. I would vote for the FairTax to get rid of the Sixteenth Amendment, the IRS and a lot of the control the federal government exerts over us."

The AP reported that Paul's campaign "verified" the statement when asked about it. Paul didn't seem to keen to discuss it himself, however. He "declined to answer questions on the issue during a campaign stop," the AP reported.

Today, Paul is more than willing to talk about the fair tax -- or rather, his total disinterest in discussing the concept at this time.

"I really haven't been saying anything like that," Paul told reporters, according to the Lexington Herald-Leader. Paul said "he supports a simpler tax code, but the nation first has to bring spending under control."

As the Herald-Leader wrote, Paul was on shaky ground when he said he has "never said anything like" support for the fair tax.

"He apparently meant he had not been saying it on the campaign trail," the paper reports.

The TPM Poll Average shows Paul leading Democratic nominee Jack Conway by a margin of 46.9-41.7.