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Rand Paul At Fancy Farm: Congress Needs A Waiting Period Before Passing Legislation


"I propose a waiting period," Paul said. "Let's have them wait 20 days for every page -- that would keep them busy for a while."

Obviously, the proposal as Paul explained it today would add weeks if not months to the passage of any law. A campaign aide told me after the speech that Paul misspoke somewhat (definitely understandable considering the non-stop heckling and million-degree heat that marks a Fancy Farm speech). Paul's proposed waiting period, as the aide described it, would require a one-day waiting period for every 20 pages of a proposed law.

Of course, with the length of the average bill in Congress these days, even that proposed waiting period could grind the legislative process to a standstill. Paul didn't seem to mind that.

"Some of these bills are thousands of pages long," he said. "Is it too much to ask them to read the bill?"

The TPM Poll Average shows Paul leading Conway 46.3-41.0 in Kentucky's Senate race.