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Quit Whining: Cornyn Pushes Back On Bennett's Tea Party Criticisms


"This is going to be a referendum on the Obama administration and Harry Reid's performance in office," Cornyn added. "I realize we're hot and heavy leading up to the election, but the voters are going to make the right decision. There have been 30 published polls in this election cycle and Harry Reid's been trailing in every single one of them."

Bennett couldn't disagree more. "With the tea party creating the mischief that it is in Colorado, we may not win that seat. My sources in Nevada say with Sharron Angle there's no way Harry Reid loses in Nevada," he told the AP Friday. "Rand Paul -- that's a seat we could lose in Kentucky, but McConnell seems to be helping stabilize Rand Paul and pulling back from some of his more dangerous statements."

Whether that's bitter grapes or candor from a senator who was just forced into retirement, it's not useful for Cornyn.

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