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Protesters Bring Coffin To Rep. Carnahan's Home


Communications director Sara Howard says about a dozen people brought the coffin to Carnahan's residence Sunday night, held a vigil there, then took the coffin away. Carnahan voted in favor of the health care reform package. Howard told KSDK-TV that there can be disagreement on health care reform without resorting to threats and intimidation.

The Carnahans are one of the best-known families in Missouri politics.

As we have been reporting, several Democrats have received threats in recent days. Rep. Bart Stupak received a fax with a drawing of a noose.

Late Update: Dave Weigel catches a St. Louis blogger pushing back on the coffin story. Jim Hoft argues in a post that the protest was peaceful and that the coffin was not on the lawn. He said it was on the sidewalk, and posts pictures.

The Carnahans told reporters that the coffin was left on their lawn. This is an absolute lie. We had a prayer service and then left. The state-run media didn't bother to follow up on this outrageous lie before they published their hit piece.