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Progressive Group's Ad Ties WI Supreme Court Justice To Scott Walker (VIDEO)


[Note: Prosser was first appointed to the court in 1998, after serving as a Republican state Assemblyman from 1979-1996, including a term as Speaker from 1995-1996. Walker served in the Assembly from 1993-2002.]

I asked GWC executive director Michelle McGrorty about a possible nitpick with the ad: the "complement" and "closely mirror" weren't spoken by Prosser himself, but from his campaign director Brian Nemoir, in the course of promoting Prosser's re-election campaign.

McGrorty stood by the language, telling me: "I think what we're looking at is under the Wisconsin Judicial Code, a judge running for political office has to be in control of his campaign. And as his campaign is speaking for him, that is a statement from him."