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Pro-Enzi Super PAC Dissolves After Cheney Ends 'Fool's Errand' Campaign


"I am happy [that] Mike Enzi is going to be re-elected," Cubin told TPM on Monday. "I also hope whatever medical issue came up gets resolved quickly with a good outcome. I respect Liz’s decision, but she was on a fool’s errand anyway so it looks like everyone wins; Liz’s family, Mike Enzi, and Wyoming. Now, if the Denver Broncos would just win the Super Bowl, you couldn’t get a better start to the year."

Cheney's campaign to unseat Enzi increasingly looked like a long shot and now that Cheney has officially dropped out of the race, the incumbent Wyoming senator is all but certain to win re-election.

"We are done. We came into the race to help defend Mike Enzi from an avalanche of out of state money and out of state interest groups," Cubin said. "With Liz out of the race, it seems there is little reason for us to continue now."