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PPP Poll: Murray Only Three Points Ahead Of GOPer Rossi


Rossi previously ran for governor in 2004, losing to Democrat Christine Gregoire by a mere 129 votes out of 2.7 million after a recount. He ran again in 2008, losing the rematch by a more significant 53%-47% in a very Democratic year. The big question is whether 2010 will be enough of a Republican-friendly year to help him topple the three-term incumbent Murray.

In the open primary, PPP shows Murray ahead with 47%, followed by Rossi at 33%, Didier with only 10%, and Republican businessman Paul Akers with 4%. So it seems nearly guaranteed that Murray will face Rossi in November. (Note: Under the top two system, it does make any difference if a candidate receives 50% in the first round. There would still be a general election in November featuring the top two candidates, regardless of party.)