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PPP Poll: Feingold Leads In WI-SEN Race, GOPer Thompson Only Close Against Other Dems


Former Sen. Russ Feingold, who lost re-election after three terms in the 2010 Republican wave, leads state House Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald by 54%-39%, leads former Rep. Mark Neumann by 53%-41%, and leads state Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen by 53%-38%. And he also leads Thompson by 52%-42%.

Rep. Tammy Baldwin leads Fitzgerald by 48%-37%, leads Neumann by 46%-41%, and leads Van Hollen by 46%-39%. Thompson takes an edge against Baldwin, but only a narrow 45%-44%, within the margin of error.

Rep. Ron Kind leads Fitzgerald by 45%-37%, leads Neumann by 44%-40%, and leads Van Hollen by 44%-38%. He is tied with Thompson at 44%-44%.

Former Rep. Steve Kagen, who was elected in a historically Republican district in the 2006 Democratic wave, and lost his seat in the 2010 GOP wave, leads Fitzgerald by 43%-38%, leads Neumann by 42%-41%, and leads Van Hollen by 43%-38%. However, he trails Thompson by 45%-42%.