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PPP Poll: Dem Jim Webb Leads Potential Virginia Senate Challengers


Republican George Allen, who barely lost to Webb in 2006, trails 49-45 in the poll. Webb's leads reach double-digits against Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling, 49-38, and 49-39 against Ken Cuccinelli, the state's far-right Attorney General.

Should Webb decline to run, Democrats can be comforted by the possibility of a Kaine candidacy. Kaine fares even better against Allen - he leads 50-44 - and is ahead outside the margin of error against Bolling (48-41) and Cuccinelli (50-40). Even Rep. Tom Perriello, who was successfully targeted by Republicans in the midterm election, is competitive against the more prominent Republican candidates (nearly even with Bolling and slightly ahead of Cuccinelli).