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Polls: Wisconsin State Senate Recalls Down To The Wire


In two other races, GOP state Sen. Randy Hopper has a 49%-48% edge over Democrat Jessica King in the 10th district, well inside the ±2.7% margin of error; and in the 14th District, GOP state Sen. Luther Olsen is ahead of Democrat Fred Clark by 50%-47%, with a ±2.8% margin of error.

Daily Kos/PPP last polled the other two races two weeks ago finding GOP incumbents Alberta Darling and Rob Cowles with narrow leads over their Democratic opponents.

The state Senate currently has a 19-14 Republican majority, with Democrats needing to gain at least a net three seats to gain control on the senate. (And even this would not be the end of it -- they hope to recall Walker some time next year.) All in all, this is the closest this country's system of government can get to a snap parliamentary election, with control of the chamber up for grabs.

Late Update: A new poll of the 18 district by Republican pollster Magellan Strategies gives Democratic candidate Jessica King the lead over GOP incumbent Randy Hopper, by a margin of 50%-47.5%. This is still within the ±2.57% margin of error.

So yes -- a Democratic firm's poll has the Republican ahead, and a Republican pollster has the Democrat ahead, though both are actually statistical dead heats.