Poll: Whitman’s Lead Over Poizner In CA-Gov Race Shrinks To 39-37


A new SurveyUSA poll shows Meg Whitman’s lead over state Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner in California’s June 8 Republican gubernatorial primary at a very thin 39% to 37%.The TPM Poll Average in the race shows a much wider margin, with Whitman leading Poizner 44.0% to 26.6%. But even that lead has shrunk. On April 6, the TPM Poll Average showed Whitman ahead of Poizner by 59.6% to 18.0%.

Whitman, a former eBay CEO, is spending near-record amounts of money in the race.

In a general election matchup with former Gov. Jerry Brown (D-CA), the TPM Poll Average shows Whitman leading 42.9% to 42.0%. The TPM Poll Average shows Brown leading Poizner in a general election matchup 49.2% to 28.9%.