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Poll: Romney Trails Bachmann Nationally For GOP Primaries


This later question, listed after the horse-races, shows just how much trouble Romney could continue to encounter with the GOP base: "Would you be willing or unwilling to vote for a Presidential candidate who supported a law at the state level mandating that people have health insurance?"

The answer: 17% willing, 66% unwilling, and 17% undecided.

Romney, of course, passed the health care mandate in Massachusetts -- and whether he likes it or not, it became the template for the federal health reform passed by President Obama, which conservatives refer to (erroneously) as socialism. Since then, he has tried to massage the issue, by arguing that health care reform is largely a state matter, and a conservative would respect states' rights on the mandate while allowing other states to come up with their own solutions.

This poll, however, shows just how big a mountain to climb this could be. On the other hand, this would seem to suggest that with Romney at 41% in a two-way race, he is at least picking up a few voters who say they are not willing to vote for a candidate who supported a state level mandate. Then again, maybe those voters haven't seen any political attacks on Romney yet.

And for her part, Bachmann has taken the 180-degree opposite view to Romney on the mandate -- she's declared that it is unconstitutional at the state level, too.