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Poll: Paterson Way Down In New York, Gillibrand Largely Unknown

Meanwhile, appointed Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand has some mixed news from this survey. In a Democratic primary, she trails Rep. Carolyn McCarthy by 33%-29%, with a large number of undecideds -- though this is an improvement for Gillibrand from a 34%-24% McCarthy lead from a month and a half ago. In a general election with GOP Rep. Peter King, Gillibrand leads by 40%-28%, and McCarthy was not tested.

Gillibrand's biggest problem is that people still don't know her -- she has only 33% approval and 13% disapproval, with a 54% majority having no opinion. And her favorable rating is 24% to 11% unfavorable, with 64% no opinion. By contrast, Paterson's problem is that people do have an opinion: They don't like him.