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Poll: Obama's Approval Rating With Young Voters Rises

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Additionally, 43% of respondents in the latest poll said they disapproved of Obama's job performance.

'Millennials' surveyed by Harvard were generally more supportive of Obama's job performance in general than the overall population. The current TPM Poll Average shows that 46.8% of all Americans approve of Obama's job performance, compared to 48.4% who disapprove.

But young voters' opinion of how Obama has handled the economy runs pretty close to that of the general population.

Only 42% of young voters in the Harvard poll said they approved of Obama's job performance on the economy, compared to 55% who disapproved. The latest TPM Poll Average shows that 41.8% of all voters approve of how Obama has dealt with the economy, while 54.7% disapprove.

The poll also shows young voters preferring Obama to an unnamed Republican in 2012 by a 13-point margin, 38% to 25%.

The poll was conducted February 11 to March 2 among 3,018 adults aged 18-29 nationwide. It has a margin of error of 2.4%.