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Poll: Even Minnesota's Most GOP District Doesn't Like Norm Coleman


PPP's Tom Jensen declares Coleman to be "damaged goods": "His statewide numbers are likely to be much more brutal than that. Keep in mind Coleman still leads Mark Dayton and RT Rybak by 13-14 points in the district in hypothetical contests but that's probably got more to do with its GOP leaning nature and Coleman's superior name recognition than anything else. Coleman will have to do some serious rehabilitation of his image if he decides to jump in the race."

As a bonus for the other big-name Republican in Minnesota, the poll also shows that only 32% of the voters in this district want to see Gov. Tim Pawlenty run for president in 2012, with 50% against it. And this is at the same time as Pawlenty enjoys a 52%-39% approval rating in this district on his performance as governor.