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Poll: Blanche Lincoln Trails GOP Opponents -- And So Do Other Possible Dem Candidates


Democratic Lt. Gov. Bill Halter -- who has been urged by some liberals to run against Lincoln in the primary, trails Boozman by 53%-30%, and trails Baker by 45%-34%.

PPP communications director Tom Jensen writes: "A look inside the health care issue gives a good indication of how Lincoln has managed now to get it from all sides. 61% of voters in the state oppose the President's plan, and among those folks Lincoln's approval rating is just 8% with 79% of them expressing the belief that she's too liberal. But she's managed to antagonize a lot of the people who support the Democratic health care plan as well- 36% of them think she's too conservative and her approval with them is just 57%. Barack Obama's at 95% with that same group of voters."

Late Update: The new Rasmussen poll has Lincoln trailing Boozman by 54%-35%, and behind Baker by 52%-33%. In addition, state Sen. Kim Hendren leads Lincoln by 51%-35%, businessman Curtis Coleman is ahead of her by 50%-34%, and businessman Tom Cox is ahead by 50%-36%. This poll did not test other hypothetical Democratic candidates.