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Poll: Barely Half Of Americans Know Health Care Law Hasn't Been Repealed

Newscom / UPI

Last month, the newly minted Republican House voted to repeal the health care law. Yet that repeal effort was dead on arrival when it reached the Democratic-controlled Senate, and thus the law still stands. Still, it's likely that Americans misinterpreted that vote as having automatically dismantled the health care law by itself.

The results are a shocking finding given how contentious -- and highly publicized -- the battle over health care reform has been. Republicans made dismantling the health care overhaul a central plank of their midterm platform. As the 2012 presidential race heats up, health care looks poised to be a central issue in that contest as well.

On an issue that has often been defined more by sound bites than substance -- think 'death panels' and 'pull the plug on grandma' -- this shows just how misinformed Americans are on one of the biggest legislative battles currently being fought in Congress.

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