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Pawlenty: Hey, At Least I'm Not On A Pub Crawl Like Obama

Newscom / CD1

This was Pawlenty's version of a comeback, tweeted from his campaign account:

"@BarackObama sorry to interrupt the European pub crawl, but what was your Medicare plan?"

Republicans have attacked Obama and Democrats over and over for not offering their own Medicare plan in the wake of the Ryan budget which has roiled politics since Congress passed it. Democrats have not released a comprehensive plan in response to the Ryan budget, but the health care law Obama signed in 2010 was his answer to bringing down the cost of Medicare while preserving its core feature: guaranteed health care. Or as House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) put it: "We have a plan. It's called Medicare."

Republicans have threatened to undo that scheme, and of course Pawlenty is in favor of repealing the health care law as is every other mainline Republican running for president.

Pawlenty has praised the Ryan plan, but has promised to release his own Medicare reform plan that is different from Ryan's. That plan is expected in the coming weeks.