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Paul Ryan And Bill Clinton Chat Backstage About Medicare, NY-26 (VIDEO)


As ABC notes, Clinton's actual speech was substantively the same as his discussion with Ryan: The NY-26 election turned on the public not liking Ryan's Medicare proposals, and Clinton agrees with that same judgment to oppose Ryan's plan, but he also cautioned against doing nothing on the issue as a reaction to the election.

Despite his prediction to Clinton that the debate would now be paralyzed, Ryan nevertheless told ABC afterward that he was not backing down from the issue.

"This is not the time to go wobbly," Ryan said, an in actual on-the-record interview. "They (Democrats) are going to run these attack ads at us regardless. This is a time for leaders to be leaders. This is not a time for us to follow our fears, this is a time to lead because if we don't address our countries fiscal problems we are going to have a debt crisis and the people who are going to get hurt the first and the worst are the people who need government the most, the elderly and the poor."