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Paladino Walks Out On Interview After Questions About Gillibrand Comments (VIDEO)


When pressed as to whether he thought it was a sexist statement or whether it could hurt his outreach to women, Paladino said, "Well, you can make it whatever you want, Kristen."

When the reporter tried to continue the interview with what seemed to be a question about how Paladino's many insensitive remarks were causing rifts with the Republican party, Paladino decided it was time for him to ask the questions. "Are we going to talk issues, or am I leaving you right now?" he asked.

She countered that she thought her questions were about issues, to which Paladino responded by wishing her a good night, taking out his earpiece and mumbling, "I think we're done talking to this lady." The Buffalo News reported that, off-camera, Paladino told his aides, ""She wants to talk trash, she can talk to somebody else."

Watch the video below: