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New Data: Obamacare Has Enrolled 3 Million More People In Medicaid

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For context, the contentious number -- the raw number of people determined eligible for Medicaid since October, including some people already enrolled in the program -- increased to 11.7 million in February.

That suggests that roughly one-quarter of the Medicaid enrollees since Obamacare took effect Oct. 1 are previously uninsured who are now getting coverage through the program.

A White House official noted to TPM that the 3 million figure does not include March Medicaid enrollees, which could be significant. and its state counterparts saw record private enrollment before the March 31 deadline. Medicaid enrollment also continues year-round, meaning people can come into the program after the private enrollment period has closed.

In states that expanded Medicaid under Obamacare, enrollment grew significantly more (8.3 percent) than in states that refused to expand the program (1.6 percent). The White House official noted that up to 5.7 million people will be left uncovered in the 20-plus states that declined the Medicaid expansion.

Taken with the 7 million-plus private coverage enrollees announced by the administration earlier this week, a more official picture of how many people have gotten covered under Obamacare starts to emerge: 3 million new Medicaid enrollees plus 3 million young adults newly covered by their parents' plan plus an estimated 2.3 million of the private enrollees who were previously uninsured.

That adds up to 8.3 million newly insured people under Obamacare, with more possibly to come. A Los Angeles Times analysis earlier this week, another independent attempt to quantify the law's impact, had estimated that the law had covered 9.5 million uninsured people. It credited Medicaid with 4.5 million new enrollees.