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Obama To GOP On Health Care Summit: Come Here In Good Faith


Read the address in full here or watch below.

Late Update: Rep. Dave Camp (R-MI) gave the Republican address today, which also focused on health care.

He said:

Americans are demanding that President Obama and the Democrats in control of Congress scrap their misguided plan of a government takeover of health care. They don't want a 2,000-page bill that threatens jobs and drives up health premiums; they already have enough challenges to deal with in their daily lives. They want Washington to start over with a step-by-step approach to health care reform that begins with reducing costs and ensures they can keep their current plan if they like it.

And more:

Just as important, Republicans get the job done without cutting Medicare, without raising taxes, and without piling more debt on our kids and grandkids. All the details of our plan are available at

Republicans remain ready to discuss these ideas with President Obama and move forward in a bipartisan way to lower health care costs.