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Obama Campaign Aims For $60 Million In Fundraising This Quarter


Since officially launching in April, the re-election campaign has been trying to revive its grassroots support from 2008 with emails asking people to donate and organize early on in the race. Campaign manager Jim Messina, formerly the deputy chief of staff in the Obama White House, sent out an email on Wednesday calling on small donors to make a contribution this week, which larger fundraisers would agree to match.

"Taking ownership of the campaign is an essential part of the experience, right alongside making phone calls, knocking on doors, and taking responsibility for getting your network of friends, colleagues, and neighbors to join us," the email read. "Relying on each other to own this campaign isn't just the most viable way we can grow a truly grassroots organization -- it's also the right way to do politics. Taking money from Washington lobbyists or special-interest PACs is the easy path -- and every single one of our prospective opponents is racing down it."